May 13, 2022 — 4 Min READ

Introducing the Revuto Ambassador Program

If there’s one thing Revuto has no shortage of, it’s ambassadors.

From Turkey and Spain to Vietnam and South Korea, Revutonians criss-cross the globe, spreading the good word about our crypto-powered subscription management platform and defi integrations. On Telegram and Twitter and Discord, our community members help us promote the platform by answering user queries, sharing video and podcast links, providing feedback on our defi offerings, and discussing the strategic partnerships Revuto has formed to bolster the ecosystem.

Until now, these unofficial brand ambassadors have not been formally recognized for their efforts. But we want to change that, which is why we’re proud to announce the formation of a brand-new (no pun intended) ambassador program.


A-Team Ambassadors

With the ambassador program, we want to shine a spotlight on existing hard-working representatives of the Revuto community, people who have for many months toiled to promote the company on an informal basis. Some are seasoned crypto users intrigued by the possibilities of our defi products, while others recognize that Revuto offers a genuine crypto use-case with mass adoption potential.

Whatever their motivation, these unofficial ambassadors deserve formal recognition. Because engagement is at the heart of everything we do, we feel the time is right to give these loyal Revutonians an official role by integrating them further into the team. The duties of official ambassadors will include:

• Create and manage regional social media channels
• Conduct regular AMAs and integrate new people into the community
• Use social channels to grow our audience by attracting investors and LPs
• Translate articles into your region’s language
• Share translated content on social media
• Contact specialized press about negotiating and publishing articles relating to Revuto in your region/language
• Explore opportunities to form and maintain strategic partnerships, such as with major investors in your region
• Create educational video content
• Represent Revuto in a professional capacity during online and live in-person events
• Collect feedback in regional communities


Ostensibly, official ambassadors will represent a crucial link between the community and the Revuto team. In some cases, they already do: several internal team members are on friendly terms with active members of the community, who have appeared at in-person events and enabled us to put a face to a name. They already feel like part of the team, so why not make it official?

The ambassador role is an important one and we want to reward the loyalty of those chosen for such a position. As such, we are busy collating a series of exclusive perks that will be granted to them. Efforts to nurture and grow our community will not go unrewarded!

There’s no doubt about it, ambassadors — both official and unofficial — are the key drivers to the growth of Revuto. By championing us on social media, sharing expertise and bolstering brand affinity, these passionate community members deserve a place in the Revuto Hall of Fame. In lieu of such a thing, the ambassador program will have to suffice!

Stay tuned to our socials to learn the names of our first ever ambassadors. If you’re an active contributor, you’ll have probably heard of them already. In fact, you might just be on our shortlist…

Remember to download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery to get access to all that Revuto has to offer!