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May 17, 2022 — 5 Min READ

Profila Becomes the First Project on the Revuto Launchpad!

Last month, our big boss Vedran Vukman with the rest of the Revuto team members sat down for a conversation with the co-founders of Profila, a zero-knowledge data and marketing platform that seeks to reimagine the data economy by putting users first. As the first investment made by our R Fund, it was great to get Michael, Luke, and Shawn on a call with our CEO Vedran to talk about our collective efforts to level up the Cardano ecosystem.

Four weeks on, and we are thrilled to confirm that Profila will be the first project to debut on our launchpad within the Revuto app. As a result of our R Fund investment and our projects’ shared goals, Revuto users who hold an R Fund NFT will gain exclusive access and benefit from privileged terms for the launch. If you haven’t already, all you have to do to earn R Fund NFT is to stake a minimum of 500 ADA in the R Fund pool.

A New Era for Data Ownership

In becoming the first venture to conduct a Token Sale on the Revuto Launchpad, Profila has, in a sense, become part of the family. Naturally, we found plenty of common ground before we decided to invest in the company, which allows users to create and manage the most accurate information relating to themselves — and control which brands get to access it. In turn, users receive highly personalised content from the brands they love, rather than the irksome spam that we’ve all become accustomed to. Best of all, they are compensated with 50% of the shared data and ad revenue!

With our launchpad, we always wanted to support visionary projects that address a specific need — just like Revuto. Profila meets that criteria and then some. As well as helping users avoid pesky spam, it helps brands cut down on ad spending for ads that no one sees or wants. In short, Profila is the antidote to Big Data overreach and increasing digital surveillance, while also offering a new way for marketers to boost conversion rate and increase customer lifetime value. We’re proud to support them.

As many of you will already know, launchpads such as ours represent a key pillar of the cryptocurrency industry, enabling new projects and tokens to raise liquidity from a community of ardent investors. All launchpads have their own processes, but here’s what you need to know about ours ahead of Profila’s launch.

Profila has already been funded by Cardano’s decentralized venture fund (Project Catalyst) for 4 additional projects including ZEKE token integration in the platform and integration of the decentralized identity solution Atala Prism with an overwhelming budget of 312.000 USD added to Profila’s WEB 3.0 product roadmap budget. Profila was also selected to pitch as a finalist in a significant ad-tech data industry event attended by data representatives of Red Bull, J&J, SnapChat, Visa, Mars, etc. I-COM Data Startup Challenge (DSC) “PROFILA — CH” has been nominated by the Jury to compete among the top 5 finalists in the Data Startup Challenge in Barcelona from 6–9th June. Profila will be presenting their zero-knowledge advertising protocol in a masterclass at the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug next month, alongside the Cardano foundation, Partisia, and other top-tier blockchain projects.

Interest in the Profila IFO pool where users were able to stake REVU to farm ZEKE tokens was overwhelming. After being open for less than 4 hours on Friday, the Initial Farm Offering (IFO) pool filled over 50%, with the 75% threshold met less than 24 hours after the subscription period opened. It’s truly gratifying to witness our community mobilise in this way, although it’s something we’ve come to expect. Rstronaut farmers know a good thing when they see it — and Profila is certainly a project worth getting excited about.


Profila Launchpad details

  • ZEKE token price: $0.036
  • Lock-up period: 180 days
  • Minimum allocation: 200 ADA
  • Maximum allocation: 25000 ADA

Firstly, only users who staked a minimum of 500 ADA in the recent R Fund staking pool and hold an R Fund NFT are eligible to participate in the launchpad. If you haven’t already, you can still stake 500 ADA in the R Fund pool to become eligible. The price for Profila’s Zero-Knowledge Token (ZEKE) will be slashed by 50% for those who meet the above criteria, compared to the regular public sale price. Thanks to the efforts of our team and the great relationship we have built with the Profila team, $0.036 is the exclusive price of the ZEKE token only for the Revuto users. The amount of ZEKE tokens you will receive after the 180-day lock-up period will be calculated using the USD value of ADA tokens the moment we received your ADA in the Launchpad pool. Please note that this is not a classic staking pool where you receive your ADA back when the staking period ends. This is a Launchpad, meaning the amount of ADA you sent in the pool is used to buy ZEKE tokens, therefore you will not get back the amount of ADA you will send in this pool, you will only receive ZEKE tokens after the 180-day lock-up period.

Earn Special Profila NFT

The first 100 users who invest a minimum of 5000 ADA will also earn a special Profila NFT which will have the following utility:

• Multiplier for ZEKE token allocation as part of our ISPO end-2022

Profila is setting up an initial stakepool offering (ISPO) where a limited percentage of the ZEKE tokens will be distributed over a select number of single stakepool. REVU holders who stake their ADA in the select stakepool and who also hold the ZEKE NFT, will get a multiplier (X) for the ZEKE tokens they are eligible for. Exact details will follow shortly on the number of ZEKE tokens and the multiplier, as well as the names of the stakepools.

• Additional allocation of up to 200 ZEKE (15 USD) per Revuto brand that NFT holders connect to on the Profila app

In the Profila app, people can connect themselves to specific brands, e.g. the brands like Netflix and Spotify that are also relevant for the Revuto app. REVU holders who also hold a ZEKE NFT when they signup for Profila and who connect to these same brands that are accessible on the Revuto app, get an extra allocation of up to 100 ZEKE (7.50 USD) per Revuto brand that these NFT holders connect to in the Profila app.

Remember that you can download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.