Weekly Update

May 18, 2022 — 4 Min READ

Revuto's Weekly Progress Update #17

Dear Revutonians,

It’s Wednesday — time for a weekly update from the Revuto Team.

Here are some updates from the past week:

· optimization of the Revuto app and Revuto Wallet backend infrastructure in the cloud
· optimization of Revuto staking pools to load faster; bug fixes, added logic for the Revuto Launchpad (investment pools) within the Staking Center

· API integration with banking and card issuing provider (Railsbank) on the frontend and backend, testing Virtual Debit Cards
· API integration with acquirer (Worldpay) on the frontend and backend

· finalizing the first version of the Subscription Management Service which will be available for all users; some special features to be announced.

· working on legal docs required by HANFA (regulator) to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet at the same time as Revuto Virtual Debit Cards

· working with Banxa and the KYC provider on integration of the Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp service, still have some legal blocks (working on KYC data sharing)
· working with the audit team to provide them with the latest Revuto code
· minor changes to the revuto.com website, Terms & Conditions
· minor changes to the crypto.revuto.com website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, updating partnerships, team, and NFT section.
· integrating the Revuto DEX (Revudex) to the Revuto mobile app, frontend (iOS and Android) integration with the Revudex backend

· finalized Revudex whitepaper (technical specification and governance)

· testing Revudex, market, and limit orders on the Cardano testnet

· testing bot-wallets within the Revuto Staking Center

· launched Profila Investment Pool (Send ADA to buy ZEKE token) within Revuto Staking Center.

· released R Fund NFTs

· preview/placeholder for the Rstronaut NFT within the Revuto NFT section of the Revuto app for Rstronaut NFT eligible users.

· preparing REVU staking pool #5 for the Rstronaut NFT

· preparing new, Revulution NFTs to support the Revuto Subscription Management service and Revuto Debit Cards
· working with ADA Handle on a simple buy option directly from the Revuto App

· Released app update v.2.5.6. with some minor bug fixes and app improvements:

- Analyzed and fixed issues with notifications
- Fixed the Referral program screen background issue
- Fixed crashing issue while entering the app
- Changed Copy on the Receive screen
- Added a new blocked screen while a transaction is pending
- Made new Stake pools condition for users with Special NFTs
- Adjusted Copy for better UX on the Staking History screen
- Implemented Root reset after inactivity functionality
- Made a new pool type that is suitable for advanced requirements

- Made the collateral preview design
- Designed the Order Cancelation screen
- Adjusted the Swap Order preview screen for Collateral disclaimer showing
- Prepared the Password Management wireframes
- Working on a new navigation design
- Redesigning the Receive screen with the ADA Handle field
- Working on new Dashboard design

- Implemented the new API for Fees on Swap screen
- Fixed the validations on Market order Swap flow
- Implemented the Order cancellation flow
- Adjusted special_nft Stake button dependency
- Fixed all minor issues reported by QA team
- Prepared and released version 2.5.6
- Implemented the dynamic orderType value preview
- Implemented the placeholder on Order history while an order is pending
- Fixed issues on Preview screen reported by QA team
- Made the order grouping on Order history screen
- Improved the Cancelation flow with a new order status
- Adjusting refreshWallet() functionality
- Working on direct matching flow
- Deep testing native tokens claiming flow

- Implemented new API point for retrieving all indexes for subscriptions
- Fixed Snoozed Duration Dialog
- Working on Downgrade Subscriptions Picker Fragment
- Fixed the Add subscription flow
- Fixed creating custom subscription
- Connected to subscriptions/allIndexes API
- Fixed actions over subs
- Fixed plan downgrade flow
- Implementing a new design to Subscription Fragment

Be sure to download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.